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We offer comprehensive and cost effective total BWT solutions that cover the entire process of choosing and installation. The stages involved include system selection, survey & 3D scanning, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and training.

Our advantages

  • Total cost effective package in coordinated timely way
  • We ensure installation is done first time right
  • Optimised project turnaround times
  • Leverage Damen buying power to advantage of shipowners
  • All the necessary engineering and experience in one company
  • Prefabricated containerized solutions
  • Quick response times with our worldwide service network
  • Supervision on the installation yard
  • Retrofit Process

    Our Experience



    Which ballast water treatment system is best for my vessel?

    Selecting a ballast water treatment system can be complicated. There are many systems in the market with different treatment techniques. The operational profile and trade routes of a vessel can result in it having to comply with BW regulations set by both the USA via the Vessel General Permit (VGP) and the IMO with its BWMC 2004. More complex choices also need to be made regarding which technology is best suited for a particular vessel.

    To help in making the choice, Damen has identified preferred suppliers who offer high quality BWT systems that are effective at low temperatures, in all salinities and with low UVT. Owners can select the model that best fits their requirements and ensures that they are fully compliant with all relevant BW regulations.

    Damen’s focus on standardisation makes the BWTS installation process easy, cost-efficient and ensures that each system is fully operational and compliant on departure.

    What determines the necessary capacity?

    The necessary capacity is determined by the existing onboard ballast system and operational scope of the vessel.

    Damen offers systems from preferred suppliers with ballast water treatment rates of 60 m3/hr up to 10,000m3/h.

    Is there a sufficient space to install a ballast water treatment system?

    Ballast water treatment systems come in different configurations; from separate, interconnected components installed in different locations within a vessel, through skid mounted systems to others that are containerised. To determine which configuration suits your vessel best, an installation survey is offered (with a 3D scan) which results in useful and practical advice based on Damen’s 85 years’ shipbuilding experience.

    What factors need to be taken into account when choosing and installing a BWTS?

    Installing a BWTS is not simple and many factors have to be taken into account. These include:

    Engine room space
    Available electrical power
    Ballast pumps capacities and min/max rates
    Class requirements
    Trading routes
    Health and safety
    Integration with existing systems
    Crew workload and training
    Capex and Opex
    System selection, availability, delivery and installation time
    Customers’ preferences

    Does Damen offer servicing of equipment, as well as installation?

    Yes, we do. We have set up a complete though-life, one-stop-shop approach. We offer a cost effective total BWT solution; covering system selection, survey & 3D scanning, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and training. And our services do not stop after installation. We can also provide training, system maintenance and delivery of spare parts for retrofitted BWT systems.

    Does Damen offer Retrofit Solutions at all the shipyards in the Group, whatever their size?

    Our one stop retrofit offering is targeted at all vessel types that need to comply with BWM regulations. Installation of a BWTS can be done at any of the Damen Shiprepair & Conversion shipyards, which are conveniently located worldwide. Systems can also be installed at a customer selected non-Damen yard, or even during operations.


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