2 July 2018

BIO-UV Group is pleased to announce the Type Approval of its BIO-SEA range by the USCG (United States Coast Guard) for ballast water treatment (BWT).

After seven years working on development and testing, with the 1st IMO certification obtained in 2013, BIO-SEA BWT Systems benefit now from the double IMO and USCG regulations. BIO-SEA is the 3rd UV-based BWT system with both approvals in the world!

BIO-UV Group with BIO-SEA will enter the market much quicker, in particular with leading shipowners and operating rates going from 30 to 2000m3/h for IMO mode and from 50 to 1400m3/h for USCG mode (per system). Moreover to date BIO-SEA is the only system on the market with no holding time in fresh water, 24h in marine water and 3 days in brackish water in USCG mode (there is no limitation on the IMO TA). "We are proud of this unique performance, and our system is adapted to all water types. With a system being compliant with the two major ballast water regulations (USCG/IMO), we provide a complete offer meeting the market needs”, says Xavier DEVAL, BIO-SEA Business Director.

These certifications were obtained through successful tests on several containerships, with flow rates from 500 to 2000m3/h, and on every ocean around the world.
"As such, we would like to thank the teams of the world’s 3rd shipowner CMA-CGM, which has worked with us since 2011 at every step of the development and shipboard testing, through an intense and fruitful partnership. We also want to thank DHI, NIVA, GOLDEN BEAR , DELTA (FORCE Technology) laboratories as well as DNV-GL and Bureau Veritas, which took part in the different phases of the TA projects."
“These challenges have been very stimulating and we are pleased to have been able to go through all the necessary milestones in record time. We may consider that BIO-SEA is one of the best ultraviolet treatment system on the market”, declares Benoit GILLMANN, BIO-UV Group’s President and CEO.
BIO-UV Group is the only company to have developed and built its BWT solution in France, and as such, Charlène CERESOLA, BIO-SEA project manager, is closely working with the French Government as a Technical Expert in the IMO working groups.

BIO-UV Group was created in 2000. As a water treatment specialist, the company chose to focus on the ultraviolet light (UV-C) technology for disinfection.
For almost 20 years, the company have been designing, manufacturing and marketing systems and concepts of disinfection by UV-C adapted to a large number of applications: recreational waters, swimming-pools and spas, aquaculture, drinking water, waste water, reuse, industrial processes etc…
And since 2011, it has successfully added ballast water treatment solution to its know-how.
“The USCG TA awards years of work and investments and we are proud to be among the very few companies on the BWT market who master the entire value chain: conception, manufacturing and marketing to shipowners and shipyards” concludes Benoît GILLMANN.
The technical and commercial BIO-SEA teams will reinforce their presence on the strategic zones in order to amplify and win the numerous current offers…

The BIO-UV Group premises, located in the South of France, are dimensioned to face this important growth, and thanks to the competitiveness and responsiveness of its teams, the company will be able to absorb the increase of demand for the next coming years.


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